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Eagle's Nest Café

Hot lunch is offered for elementary students five days a week, by Bay Catering. Lunches can be ordered for a full month or a la carte for a nominal cost.

We are excited to partner with MealManage to facilitate your hot lunch ordering needs. Beginning August 9, RCE families will be able to manage their children's lunch orders via the MealManage app.

The Benefits of MealManage:

  • Families will now have a personal account with their child(ren)'s name, class, allergy info, etc and choose the appropriate payment option (via "drawdown balance" or "pay-as-you-go"). This will eliminate families having to complete separate registrations for each child's information for each lunch order.
  • Families now have the opportunity to order lunches after the normal Sunday (8-day prior) deadline. For a surcharge of $.50/lunch, "late" lunches can be ordered until 3:30pm on Friday the week prior to the meal being served. You will need to call the District Office (510)889-7526 and speak with Mrs. Costanzo (ext. 411) to make this order. Note: You will need to have at least $7.00/lunch available in your MealManage account.
  • Lunch orders may be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances (ordering error, sickness, field trip, etc) up until Sunday at 9pm, one week prior (i.e. cancellations for the week of 8/21 are due no later than 9pm on 8/13). Your payment of $6.50/lunch will be credited to your MealManage account for future usage.

Lunch Costs:

The cost of this school year's lunch will remain the same as last year ($6.50). An additional 2.99% + $.50 (flat) fee per financial transaction will be added to each order by MealManage. We recommend ordering as many lunches per order (weekly or monthly) to minimize the $.50 flat fee. 

“Pay-as-you-go” Example:

  • Ordering 1 lunch at a time

($6.50 x 1 x 2.99%) + $.50 = $7.19/lunch

  • Ordering 5 lunches (weekly) at a time

($6.50 x 5 x 2.99%) + $.50 = $33.97/lunch ($6.79/lunch)

  • Ordering 20 lunches (monthly) at a time

($6.50 x 20 x 2.99%) + $.50 = $134.39/lunch ($6.72/lunch)

“Drawdown Balance” Example:

  • Upload $150 to your secure MealManage account

 ($150 x 2.99%) + $0.50 = $154.99

Ordering any number of lunches from this "drawdown account" avoids additional "per transaction" fees.



Upon initial registration with MealManage a verification email will be sent within 24 hours to complete your account.


Contact Mr. Patrick Lee, Director of Specialized Programs, ( for more information. 


Hot lunches are not offered at the MSHS campus in lieu of the various class sponsored lunch fundraisers.