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Redwood Christian’s Fine Arts program develops the creative potential in each student – a process which is both intellectual and experiential. A rich, varied experience in the arts is essential to educating the whole child, and the Fine Arts Department offers courses in drama and theater.

Studies will focus on the fundamentals of drama, ranging from basic dramatic knowledge and skills to the role of the theater in society. Drama is a unique method to reach the world for Christ. Therefore, students will be challenged on a regular basis to use their gifts to share the Truth of the Gospel.

Students will take an active role in developing their craft through rehearsal with the director, performances for a live audience both inside and outside the classroom, and evaluation of those performances. This may include participation as an actor/actress and/or participation on a tech crew (set, props, costumes, makeup, sound, lights, marketing). Students will be taught to think critically about the scripts they encounter and evaluate the content through a Biblical worldview. Furthermore, students will learn how to be respectful audience members and responsible cast members.


alice in wonderland

Drama Courses Offered:

  • Middle School Drama
  • Drama 1 (High School)
  • Drama 2 (High School)