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Visual Arts

Redwood Christian’s Fine Arts program develops the creative potential in each student, a process which is both intellectual and experiential. A rich, varied experience in the arts is essential to educating the whole child, and the Fine Arts Department offers courses in the visual arts including elementary, middle school, and high school courses.

The Visual Arts program is designed as a sequential, experiential journey through the world of line, matter, color, proportion, form and function, texture, and spatial relationships. Students are encouraged to experiment as they increasingly learn technique in the use of graphite pencil, colored pencil, drawing, watercolor painting, calligraphy, and printmaking to create subject matter such as still life, imaginary renderings, animal life, human figure and portraits. Three- dimensional projects involve the making of hand built functional and nonfunctional ceramics and paper sculptures. The students will develop skills that will help them analyze their own works of art through the knowledge that is gained during classroom critiques and other activities that include participation in local art contests.

Art 2 is an intermediate/advanced Art class. This class is usually taken during the junior or senior year of high school. The course is independent study by design. A concentration of study based on the strengths discovered in Art 1 is selected by the student. A portfolio of work is developed during the class. This portfolio demonstrating the strengths of the students can then be used to help gain admittance to colleges and universities. Students enrolled in Art 2 continue to develop skills that will help them analyze and critique their own work as well as the work of others. The knowledge that is gained in the classroom will aid students communicate complex ideas. Gallery installment is introduced and a practical example is demonstrated at annual art festivals and local art contests.

clownfish drawing two girls

Visual Arts Courses Offered:

  • Classroom Art (elementary)
  • Middle School Visual Art
  • Art 1 (High School)
  • Art 2 / Independent Study (High School)